Pithy Against The Wall

Bad exegesis, bad eisegesis, bad hermaneutics, but a decent point about the manliness of William-Brice Stadium trough urinals – no sit down German girly-men allowed.

[ht: Blake]


4 thoughts on “Pithy Against The Wall

  1. utech says:

    can you find the scripture that he is referring to?

  2. utech says:

    found it.
    1 Kings 16:11

  3. Rick says:

    Yeah – if you search the KJV in whatever online Bible, you’ll find it six times like he says. Look at them in the other versions, just like he says, and it just says “males”. But what’s funny for me this morning is that The Message actually probably gets this one the most “right” of them all. I saw it come through there as “stray dogs” – cutting off the strays from the family, so to speak. That kind of metaphor worked for me better in context of all those references. But by golly, I hope he doesn’t get arrested for peeing standing up in Germany.

  4. Chuck says:

    Oh please stop. I have milk coming out of my nose. Seriously, that was so bad, but he must have been really proud when he was writing the sermon. Of course, my favorite part has to be the Amen he got. Personally, I am down sitter out of respect for my wife, and the fact that I never learned to aim. If I had a urinal, it would be a different story. If I am in your house, different story.
    Wait a second…did I say that out loud.

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