One of my thought bubbles lately is a jumble around all the friends who have been reconnecting around here, around this time and space. It’s like, why now? Why as we’re turning forty are we all gravitating back to some center? Calling it a "midlife crisis" is an easy copout, at least to my over-thinking mind. As I type this, I’m listening to the soundtrack from last year’s Transformers movie by Steve Jablonsky – and I’m struck by how much this gathering of the old friends seems to foretell something adventurous.

On some level, it is an adventure. I feel like I’m stretching out into scary uncharted territory all the time. But on the same note, it’s still just life, and I wonder if I’m missing something that I should be getting. Old friends, new friends, online and offline friends – if this life is to be relational, and we have all these interconnections webbing around, then what next?

Heading out to small group – dinner together with friends. Where do you think your friendships are taking you right now?


2 thoughts on “Coincidentally…

  1. Jeremy says:

    i dunno about all of them, but i know one that says “hey, look at all that stuff that just hit your fan…” and i say “yeah, help me get it down”… the friend is like “nah, here, i’ll throw this up there too, though.”

  2. Rick says:

    More fun to share the clean up process and the flinging, isn’t it?

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