Sunday Morning @ Home

Three out of four of us are home this morning. Vicki went to church, scheduled to head up the Nursery/Kidscoast workings today. The rest of us stayed home – Cam is still getting over her crud, some viral nastiness that kept her from school yesterday and that still hasn’t completely given her voice back. It’s been a good lazy restful Sabbath morning, something that I think is a good thing sometimes.

Img_2594_2I have been watching this morning’s sermon online at our Internet Campus, a pretty cool resource to have when things like this pop up. Trace is happy to have a little more PC time, and spent some time working on Movie Maker to hone his skills there – something I hope he pursues a little more wholemindedly towards being a marketable skill later on perhaps. This was about the time in my life that my dad got us a TI-99 back in the day, probably the tipping point for me leading to where I am now (I worked on one of these at my "first job", writing sotware for a local tax preparing company). Cam is on the laptop now, with T upstairs reading and dropping something on the floor – she’s on Webkinz, the tweenybopper equivalent of Facebook-for-Beanie-Babies, or something like that.

Everyone’s just about ready to head to Grandma’s for lunch, and then back home later to catch up on any homework and my work and whatever. I like Sabbath, really nice when we’re able to partake a little now and then.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning @ Home

  1. Steve says:

    Ah, the TI-99. I remember playing that spaceship game with you for hours. Hours probably better spent doing something more productive. Yikes, I sound like my Dad now…

  2. Rick says:

    Aah, the good ol’ days. I played on a PC and became a programmer. You played thousands of quarters at Barrel o’ Fun and now you’re flying big planes. What a wonderful world – glad I wasn’t cleaning up after horses at 12 yrs old.

  3. Chuck says:

    Yikes. I still do both. DOH. Now, I gotta kick the kids of Xbox. Dad’s got two more races to win in Burnout Paradise, and then he can get an upgraded license.

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