Just Noting the Brainflashes

  • Does anyone want to join in an online book discussion of some sorts? Either political with The Gospel According to America? or church-related with Everything Must Change? Just throwing it out – might be a good thing if anyone’s interested, or a bad thing if I end up just emailing myself.
  • I am calling a moratorium in my house on books with the theme "the-church-has-screwed-us-up-and-here’s-fifteen-easy-steps-to-get-it-right". One of the things evidently never address is how we’ve been taught that we can fix everything by reading a book… oh never mind.
  • While my daughter and her friends go with their mothers to see the Hannah Montana Concert 3D Movie, the manchild and I will be eating pizza and watching Batman Begins this evening. This makes me feel good as a man, swelling with pride and nobility. I grunt in triumph.
  • I’m planning on seeing No Country for Old Men tomorrow evening with my dad. Again, pride and nobility and a hearty triumphant grunt. It’s the first of the five Oscar-nominated films that I’m trying to see before the awards show.
  • The Super Bowl is this weekend – go Giants, and pass the chips & dip, please.
  • "This is a violent world in which I am not doing nearly enough work, although I appear to be busy all the time." – Thomas Merton, The Intimate Merton, p. 21 – and I feel like that has been my week.

One thought on “Just Noting the Brainflashes

  1. Josh(ua) says:

    I have seen No Country for Old Men. And it is phenomenal!

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