“Rick is…”

Here’s a fun one: take your name, google it as "[Your name] is" with the quotation marks, and see what comes up. Cut/paste the fun phrases into a post, and then do it again with google images and post that image, if you can without embarassing your grandma. [ht: Steve]

Ricklondon_moonhere_opt So here’s mine:

  • Rick is a politician. He loves the competition and the process of running.
  • Rick is exceptional.
  • is currently ranked second in the world in the sport of surf kayaking.
  • Rick is helping entrepreneurs achieve outstanding results.
  • Rick is the definition of HERO.
  • The problem with Rick is that he has a good memory.
  • Rick is an integral part of the Microsoft team…
  • Rick is in a wheelchair that Dick is pushing.
  • Rick is REAL and he doen’t care if you like him, believe him or take his advice.
  • Rick is a founding member and lead guitarist of the group "Cheap Trick"…
  • … the multi-layered "Rick" is heavily rooted in opera.

Let me know what you find – thanks for playing. Back to my kayak.


4 thoughts on ““Rick is…”

  1. david says:

    thanks for that little morning boost. the first one that comes up for “david is”…?
    david is the devil.
    i’m going back to bed.

  2. becky says:

    Contrary to popular belief, Becky is not successful at sobering up a drunk person, and in many cases she may actually increase the adverse effects of alcohol!

  3. vicki says:

    Vicki is undoubtedly one of the sweetest, most genuine, and fantastically fun friends…
    (much better than being dave)

  4. Patrick says:

    The first one that came up for mine is: “Patrick is God!”
    Now I can retire.

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