“Don’t just hit me – hit me!”

In The Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo, "Stop trying to hit me and hit me". Paul tells the Galatians in chapter five, "It’s for freedom that you’ve been set free". These are what I classify as "well, duh" statements, and are based almost entirely on changing everything in the way we think and process Life, the Universe and Everything.

Jesus said, “Repent for the kingdom of God has come.” he word “repent” (metanoia) means a new mind or a totally new way of thinking. so, a translation of Jesus’ words might be, “Everything you truly desire is available right now in every moment, but to access and experience it is going to require a complete overhaul of how you think and process reality.”
Jim’s Blog, "a different state of mind"

We lose so much in our thought processes because we sell words short – especially, for the church I think, the word "repent". We’ve made it just mean, "stop sinning", or "make a 180-degree turn from your sin". But if "repent" a broader, more meaningful thought about all of our ways of thinking, living, processing, then it means so much more. Being sorry for doing bad things is one thing; being mindful of a better way of living, that’s a whole ‘nother thing, I think.


2 thoughts on ““Don’t just hit me – hit me!”

  1. utech says:

    About a year ago I ‘discovered’ the real meaning behind the word that we know as repent. It was such an enlightening and freeing idea that I plan to get ‘metanoia’ permanently on my forearm, in greek letters of course (μετανοῖα). The more we actually hear what the Bible says the more it exposes this charade of a faith that so many of us have been taught.

  2. Rick says:

    “Charade of Faith”? What does that phrase mean? I mean, I can think of what it would mean from me, but why do you use that?

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