“Winter” in SC

011608_2107 Here’s a quick phone snap from my wife. Cam is out on the front stoop, nighttime robe and knit cap, watching the snow fall. Real snow, though it’s not going to stick and will probably be a pile of slush after the rain in the morning – and I’m here in Tampa where it’s 68F right now with wind and no freezing precip. Oh well – I hope they enjoy it, and quite possibly but not very likely get a day out of school. Crossing fingers for them, anyway.


2 thoughts on ““Winter” in SC

  1. Steve says:

    What a great picture! Hmmmm…winter in South Carolina. What would be the title of this picture? “Hope?” “Frustration?” “The Evidence of Things Not Seen?” Remember that one freak snowstorm back in the ’79 or so? The one where we missed school for like a week? Now that was snow!

  2. Rick says:

    Told them not to eat the yellow snow, but you’re always concerned, I think.

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