Small Group Fodder?

Rob Bell - Everything is Spiritual - Now Available on DVD at


7 thoughts on “Small Group Fodder?

  1. Chuck says:

    Rob Bell explaining Quantum Physics and the issues with Newton. Is there ANY thing this guy can’t do?

  2. Rick says:

    Right – ever read any of his stuff? I’ve read/heard both books, and get the plain-jane Mars Hill sermon podcast. He messed me up yesterday with a sermon on “grace & peace” – very encouraging and challenging at the same time, something that’s hard to pull off for too many preacher/teachers.

  3. Blythe Lane says:

    Good stuff. I have to say, with some of Bell’s stuff I find myself a little hesitant to jump all in with him and yet I enjoy the way he makes me think. The “everything is spiritual,” however, is a phrase/belief I wholeheartedly embrace and often have found myself in interesting conversation with others around this idea of trying to label the secular and the spiritual. Bell really brings it home for me along this area. I might have to post this on mine, too.

  4. Rick says:

    I’m going to be sharing the podcast video clips at small group tonight, I think, and then getting the DVD to work with over the next couple of weeks. Not sure how it’s setup for group use, though – probably have to take fifteen/twenty minute blocks, stop and discuss, ick up next time? We’ll see – but I like what you said about making us think, always a good thing.

  5. Blythe Lane says:

    I think it would definitely offer material for great small group discussion. Might have to buy the DVD myself for our group. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  6. MysticSaint says:

    cool. thanks for sharing.
    indeed everything is spiriual in its essence!

  7. Rick says:

    If you don’t mind, and swing back through here again, I’ve got to ask – what do you mean, “in its essence”? That sounds a little quirky, just wondering what you intended to say. Thanks for stopping by!

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