Tuesday in the 80s

Flashing back to the 80s: our son is a comic/animation fan, and I told him about this video from the Alan Parsons Project.

Any other cool pieces of animation from back in the day that stand out to you, music video or otherwise?


4 thoughts on “Tuesday in the 80s

  1. George says:

    How about the “Take Me On” video by the group Aha?

  2. Rick says:

    Good call – and I was thinking “Land of Confusion” by Genesis, but that was puppets, not animated. Was it “Shake It Up” by the Cars that had the psychadelic stuff, pseudo-animated?

  3. Chuck says:

    What’s that guy doing around 0:46? Is that dancing or …

  4. Chuck says:

    George got the one that came off the top of my head. A few others that I remembered –
    Dear Jessie (Madonna) – A tad cutesy

    Money For Nothing (Dire Straits)

    And of course, Weird Al’s version: Beverly Hillbillies

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