Friendly New Year

The past 18 months or so have been full of reconnection, finding and interacting again with old high school chums. I use the term old rightly and affectionately – we’re getting old. The first ones of our ploy clan are turning forty, and I’ll join this aging constituency soon enough this summer. For now, I hope you guys, as you pass through here on your blog-a-day journeys, know that I appreciate your renewed friendship and your various tastes in caffeinated products.

Here’s a quick list o’ links to people from my relative "youth":

120907_1520 One of the things I hope happens for this coming new year, much like reconnecting with high school friends, is to reconnect with more of our college pals. I ran into Scott Gann a few weeks ago in the CAE Airport – I don’t think he’s blogging, but it was good to see him before he and his family move to Kentucky (I think I remember that right). I’ve started searching for some folks by name on Facebook, too, and I may have found Jeff Irick hiding there. We’ll see – just a couple of names from our days at U of SC in the late 80s, graduating in 1990, just in case you’re googling yourselves (doesn’t that just sound wrong?).

Vicki and I send salutations and well wishes to all those old friends and not-so-old friends who may wander through these fields. Have a great 2008, and if you call ahead we’ll have coffee ready when you want to drop by.


One thought on “Friendly New Year

  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the mention, Rick. I’m glad to have found your blog as well. Happy New Year!

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