The Morning After

My wife was the first one up this morning. Both of us slept heavily, but the dog was able to rouse her for his morning constitution. We had a moment of quiet with only the buzz of the central air (heating this morning, 43F outside). One child is awake, the other is either still snoring or is surreptitiously playing the Wii in his room – my bet is on the snoring, since he’s not all that surreptitious yet. Christmas exploded in our home yesterday, so I’ve already been warned that this will be a major clean-up day, but I’m hoping it’ll be pushed off a little longer to enjoy my coffee.

This is one of the search-engine hits to my blog that I found this morning. Someone in Rowland Heights, CA entered, "im feelin kinda down for some reason. i get this feeling whenever i’m here in this house. i don tfeel warm or freandly invited. there is only this sense of chaos, this disco" into a Google search – and came to my site. I’m hoping there was something to found, something hopeful but not too sappy. I also get a good number of hits from searches on Keurig coffeemakers, so I’m thinking some folks are enjoying some really good singleserve java this day-after-Christmas-morning, like me.

Time to get up off the couch, fix us some waffles, and then set about the "cleaning of the green". Hope everyone had a relaxing enjoyable Christmas – stay away from customer service today if you’re able.


3 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. maryann says:

    interesting hit phrase.
    its funny to see how people find your site.
    i too, am praying that the lonely, out of place person realizes that they truly are loved and wanted by someone..even in the chaos

  2. Anne says:

    That person needs to get out of that house! Don’t you just have the feeling they’re visiting in-laws or something? (Been there, done that.)
    How sad, whatever the reason. But with a search string that long, they don’t seem to be in a hurry for answers….
    Loved your photo of your mini and new license plate.

  3. Rick says:

    Yes, I hope they’re finding some solace out there somewhere, something meaningful. Thanks for stopping by!

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