Leaving Christmas Past

Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. Merry Christmas. Your doctrinal theology is killing you. Feliz Navidad, from the bottom of my heart.

We’re setting ourselves up to fail. Our experiences in life don’t match to our thoughts and beliefs. We know from the Bible that things are one way, and yet in real life the exact hurtful opposite plays out over and over. So we blame ourselves, or others, or our environment, or God. We make excuses for ourselves, for others, for God. We feel better after the catharsis of confession, but real repentance escapes us, and we enter the cycle over and over again. We do and think what we see as right in our own eyes, and as good or well-intentioned as that might be, we lose our way along the way. We think we’re seeing the light, while leading each other around in the dark. If we think we have the light, but it’s really dark – how dark that really must be.

"Personally, I am convinced that Jesus’ good news was and is better news than we have been led to believe…" – Brian McLaren, Everything Must Change, p. 83

If Jesus is all we say He is – and I say He is all that and more – than something is desperately wrong with us. Something is falling apart on our end of this thing we’ve called "good news". We focus on being lawful instead of being gracious, on the wrath of God instead of His mercy, on Jesus dying instead of Jesus living and bringing life in all of the above.

I refuse to get stressed out about where I am falling short. I can’t focus any longer on what I think is wrong, or judge what I think is woefully inadequate. I need this change for my sanity’s sake. Jesus is really good news – He didn’t just bring good news, He IS good news. He doesn’t bring love, He is love; he doesn’t just speak truth, He is truth. He doesn’t just bring life, He is life. There is such a disconnect in where we’ve been and where we should be. I want to live in the should be, in the now moment of Jesus, the really really good and transforming news.

He doesn’t bring healing; He is healing. He doesn’t bring grace, but instead is grace. Now, can I be healing, too? Can I be grace, or love, or truth, or life for the people in my little world? That would be really good news, too, I would think.

Merry Christmas. Let’s get over ourselves, shall we?


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