Fish & Eggs & Jeeves & Gamecocks

I rolled my lazy sleepy over-turkeyed carcass out of bed this morning for a quick shower before breakfast at Brunches. We had a good time of conversation over my catfish & scrambled eggs (in the photo below, clockwise from top left: me, Chuck, George, "Todd").


After that, I drove to Books-A-Million for some minor book-gift-shopping. My brother was going to meet me, but when his Jeep had battery issues, it was Jeeves and I to the rescue. 112407_1021Everything was great after a little Mini booster juice, I guess. We went to the bookstore, got my parcels and some Joe Muggs, and then I went to Publix for chili fixin’s. That’s right – chili at Dad’s for the Big Game, USC vs. Clemson tonight from Williams-Brice.

My quick prediction as a Gamecock fan:
USC 24Clemson 10

If it’s close, I fear it’ll be the other way, and if it’s not close, I dread it’ll be way way the other way.

UPDATE: USC 21, Clemson 23, with a last second field goal providing the winning points. Argh.


2 thoughts on “Fish & Eggs & Jeeves & Gamecocks

  1. James says:

    Arg is right!!! Well, it’s been said, “There’s always next year.” (sigh)

  2. Todd says:

    Again, “ARGH!”

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