Busywork & Gratitude

No, I don’t know why this is funny.


It’s been a crazy week so far. Monday I had issues with sinus drainage and upset tummy – and that’s all you want to know. Then Tuesday, it was jury duty for the county circuit court, where the presiding judge ran late and the whole morning was consumed to find out that I was not randomly chosen from the pool to sit on any cases this week. Today has been relatively normal, needing to be productive to make up for lost time, needing to get on the ball, on the stick, in gear, and other pithy work-related cliches that fit the circumstance. I’m thankful for having a job, something to busy my hands and mind through the day. I’ve been home with nothing to do, and it’s not fun. Plus, you don’t typically find anyone willing to pay you to do nothing at home, so there’s that.

Tonight’s Thanksgiving gathering for church was nice. Sometimes I get downhearted with the churchiness of things, but times like tonight help me remember that we’ve come a long way over the past few years. We’ve got really good friends, and I’m thankful that they’re there for us, with us. There’s a togetherness that’s cool, at least for me. So much of what passes for friendship can be based on geography, just happening to be in the same place at the same time week after week. But it’s different when there’s a heart-to-heart connection being built, being worked out. Not being there is still being there – even apart, there’s a togetherness. Anyway, I’m thankful for that tonight (I’ll have to remember this feeling when I post something more thanksgiving-y next week for the actual holiday).

It stands out to me, this whole thing with being grateful for church and friends therein, because we left behind some good friends before coming here. It was painful, and every now and then it’s painful again. But in a good way, I hope, that helps keep my on course.


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