God’s DVR in God’s living room

Mug Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to sit with God as I go through my day, maybe on a couch with a remote, pausing and rewinding from time to time as He’s able to tell me what I did wrong there, what I did right over there, what I really screwed up over on the other side, what really brought a smile to His eye while I was doing whatever I was doing across the way.

He’s already paid the price. I can make as many mistakes as there are to make. I can take risks, and I can dream big nasty difficult dreams. I hate to say that I make more mistakes than I take risks. I think I make mistakes on the non-risky stuff, then keep from the riskiness for fear of making more. But that’s okay – He’s done what needs to be done on His side, and He’s now alongside playing along, I like to think.

Some of the best times with family right now are just sitting around the living room watching ballgames at my Folks’ house. Dad’s usually got the remote, unless there’s something too electronically challenging to figure out. Then we call in our resident 12-yr-old to help. But it’s a comfortable cozy time, together watching grown men pummel each other on his widescreen. I think sitting and eating Sunday dessert with God on the couch would be something similar. But that the conversation might be funnier, since I think God would have a better sense of humor than the rest of us.

His coffee would be good, too. "HeBrews" is one of the titles in His book, the name of His chosen people. So you know He would take it seriously, right?


One thought on “God’s DVR in God’s living room

  1. Steve says:

    Either that or he makes beer.

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