Sunday Drivel

It was a slow morning for all of us. Luckily, Sunday is sometimes the day when both kids actually sleep in, so that when I get up "early" at 7am I get some time to myself. Cam came down about ten minutes into my "me time", though. She wanted to invite her friend to church – which is really cool on the "wow, my little girl is inviting friends to church" side of things. But it’s on the not-cool side of "but this is Sunday morning and the inconveniece quotient on everyone concerned is way high". Anyway, side number one won out, with the caveat that she’d have to wait to call her friend, give her these specific instructions about being ready, and she first had to call Grandma to make sure it was okay to invite said friend to lunch as well. Of course it was all okay, but please next time, think of this Friday or Saturday instead of Sunday morning, ok?

We took the girls and our man-child to church. He wanted to take his Wii remote loaded with Miis, so I had to lay some ground rules there, too. Share so others can play; when it’s time to put things away, stick the wii-mote in your pocket; and if it becomes a problem, Mr. Russell gets the wii-mote until I come to retrieve it. All good, except that no one at church wanted to see the Miis as much as just playing, so his feelings were a little bent with things not going as expected.

This morning’s sermon was on keeping my mouth shut. Well, it was on James 3, with Pastor Greg teaching on the importance of watching what we say, how we deploy the power we have with our tongues. It was good, but I have to admit that the only thing I "heard" was that I am probably better off keeping my mouth shut. Not a bad thing. And if my wife agrees too readily… well….

We stopped at Blockbuster after lunch for T to rent a video game, and now I’m trying to get jumpstarted on the week while we wait for the ladies to get home. The Wii right now means no NFL on the big TV, and that’s okay. For now. I’ll keep an eye on my fantasy teams, try to be a productive member of society, and keep my mouth shut.

But I can type on my blog, right? It’s not mentioned at all in James 3. Right?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Drivel

  1. donna says:

    You mean you missed the Colts – Chargers game!? That’s okay…I think I screamed enough to make up for your absence ;o)

  2. Rick says:

    Watched most of it last night 🙂 – nutty game, didn’t help me much in the fantasy score department. Oh well.

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