“Start Strong” – or, Not

Florida is in town playing the Gamecocks tonight. Under five minutes and we lost the ball on a fumble that led to the first TD, and then had a rugby punt blocked to give Tebow another opportunity for a TD. The second PAT hit the uprights and bounced back, so it’s only 0-13.

The next three plays, we pass all the way down the field. First & goal at the UF 3-yd line. We can play – but we also shoot ourselves in the foot.

We "control our own destiny". Argh.

Update: 7-13, since we scored after a fumble (ours, and we got it back). Sigh.

Turning Point? Just picked up a UF fumble. Maybe that PAT bouncing off was our momentum switch? TD Carolina, and PAT for us makes it 14-13.

Non-Turning Point – USC might pull it out, but I doubt it. Down 17-37 right now, 4:26 left in the 3rd Quarter. Sigh. And again I say, sigh.

Final: UF 51 – USC 31


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