Backwards Backyard Politics

If anyone had doubts that this state as backward politically, I think there’s enough proof here to make it real simple. Click through to read the article – basically, the state’s Democratic Party voted to no allow Stephen Colbert to "run" on the primary ballot. They cite reasons like not intending to win, not being a viable candidate, and using this as more of a comedy routine than a real world event.

My problem? There are only a couple of candidates on either side who are truly "viable" candidates. It’s a popularity contest, and to me it feels like the Dems are more concerned that he would detract from them than enhance the race. I’d tune into a debate with Colbert and the rest of the Democratic candidates – that would be a hoot, and would likely be more enlightening than any of the 5,138 debates held thus far.

The party leadership thinks it’s making a mockery of the established system, and then they make a mockery of it themselves by not allowing someone on the ballot like this. I understand their reasons, but it seems to be more a lack of guts, backbone and a sense of humor than anything else.

Until "none of the above" is on the ballot, I will once again mostly abstain.


2 thoughts on “Backwards Backyard Politics

  1. jae says:

    As if most politicians don’t make a mockery out of it already.
    It seems unAmerican that any one group can decide who makes the ballot for the populace.

  2. Todd says:

    Reminds me of when Bob Strickland won the election as AHS Student Body president, but was denied the opportunity to take office. Politics make me ill.

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